Fire-proof doors


Fire resistance:

EN 1634


Do you need to secure buildings by means of a fire-proof door system? Fit with a safety door or sound insulate?

The company AVAPS s.r.o. can supply not only fire shutters in form of shutter mechanisms but even doors. In this case, it is a combination of a steel fire-proof door of company HEINEN that can be either solid or combined with glass. The shutters conform to the requirements of EN 1634, as well as to the US and UK standards. Besides these, we can offer a number of specialities in form of acoustic and safety doors (of R1 – R4 class), including combinations of these. If you need, please send your inquiry to our contact address and we will process it for you.

We guarantee:

  • modular design
  • easy manoeuvrability
  • adaptable suspension system
  • minimum maintenance
  • low total costs

Door types:

  • hinged
  • wing
  • sliding door
  • fixe modules


  • specific equipment
  • glazing
  • stainless steel structures
  • fire-proof, acoustic, explosion-proof, safety

AVAPS, s.r.o.
U Obalovny 488,
250 67 Klecany, Česko

+420 777 911 780
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