Textile roller fire curtain EI without sprinkling system


EI 60-C1 / EI 45-C1 / EW 60-C1






Textile roller fire curtains are used to divide two neighboring fire sections in case of a fire, at protected escape routes, or to eliminate a fire-hazardous area while maintaining openings in the perimeter shell of the object.

Based on its minimal space requirements the textile roller curtains can be used in objects such as cultural, educational, sport, transport, residential and office buildings, in shopping centers in combination with security grids as well as in industrial buildings, halls, etc.

Under normal circumstances, the fabric is wound up in a cover, which is positioned so it does not interfere with normal operation (usually above the soffit). This way the shutter does not require any bigger space on the sides of the opening like in case of sliding doors and gates.

The basic requirement for fire roller shutters is their fire resistance. FIBREroll EI curtains have a fire resistance of up to EI 60-C1.


Fire shutter FIBREroll EI has been successfully tested in fire testing center FIRES s.r.o., classified as per EN13501-2, assessed as per EN 13241+A2 and EN 16034 and is covered by CE certificate No. 1396-CPR-0139.

Manufacturer issues Declaration of performance for individual orders in compliance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 305/2011.


  • Base is a special construction consisting of a multi-layered textile system approximately 20 mm thick with intumescent capability, fabric weighs approximately 6 kg/m2.
  • Manufacturer's recommended maximum dimensions (others subject to consultation) according to fire resistance:
    • EI 60-C1/EW 60-C1 – for clear dimensions up to 2 750 x 2 750 mm (W x H),
      • wrap size  365 x 420 mm (W x H)
    • EI 45-C1/EW 60-C1 – for clear dimensions up to 4 785 x 4 400 mm (W x H),
      • wrap size 435 x 500 mm (W x H).
  • Minimum clear width of 750 mm.
  • The shutter was tested according to EN 12605 for self-closing durability and classified according to EN 16034 into C1 category ( up to 10,000 cycles).
  • Tubular motor control (230 V) with safe gravity lock system.
  • Closing speed of the shutter is 50 – 150 mm/s (depending on its dimensions).
  • Fabric wound up and guide rails powder coated standard is in RAL 9010 or 9006, other colours are available upon request as per RAL sampler.
  • Control panel AOP (AVAPS Operational Panel)
    • Ensures electronic control of individual shutter functions.
    • Designed according to EN 14637.
    • Contains its own back-up power source to prevent unwanted closing of the shutter in the event of power failure.
    • Enables automatic shut-off from the Fire Alarm System (potential-free contact), or by the help of local autonomous sensors, even in the event of a power outage thanks to the system of safe gravity closure.
    • According to the national requirements of individual states, the shutter can be completed with accessories such as:
      • Two-phase closing
      • Escape button (emergency opening during fire alarm)
      • Key switch or control buttons
      • Optical and acoustic signalling
      • Reporting of end positions and power failure to external devices.


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