SMOKEbarrier AT

Textile active smoke barrier (ASB1/ASB3)

Fire resistance classification:

D 120 (CE certificate)


The textile active smoke barrier SMOKEbarrier AT is designed to divide the building into smoke zones in case of fire and prevents consequential smoke spread to other areas. The barrier is designed as a vertically sliding shutter.

This active smoke barrier is advantageous for minimum spatial requirements since under normal conditions it is coiled in a cover that is placed in such a manner not to obstruct normal operation (usually above the floor).

The main quality required from these smoke barriers is their fire resistance. Textile active smoke barriers SMOKEbarrier AT have fire resistance D 120 (the device is designed in accordance with EN 12101-1).


Smoke barrier SMOKEbarrier AT has been successfully tested in fire testing center FIRES s.r.o., classified as per EN 12101-1, and covered by CE certificate No. 1396-CPR-0027.

Manufacturer issues declaration of performance for individual orders in compliance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 305/2011.

Technical information:

  • Made of a special, fire-resistant textile 0.4 mm thick, filled up with glass fibers with surface coating.
  • Unique construction - unlimited length of the barrier and standard height of lowering up to 6 m.
  • Minimum clear width over box 900 mm.
  • The barrier can be in a right angle, other angles are subject to consultation.
  • Small space requirements, designed for face fixing or fixing between assembly (possible combination of both), fixing into concrete, masonry or steel profiles with required fire resistance.
  • Standard dimension of the shutter box (W × H)
    • 152 x 150 mm - single shaft system up to 4.5 m width with drop down to 4.5 m.
    • 254 x 150 mm - multi-shaft system with shafts side by side.
    • 152 x 256 mm - multi-shaft system with shafts one above the other.
  • Low weight (textile = 0,45 kg/m2).
  • Controlled electrically by means of a tube drive (230 V) with system of safety gravitation closure.
  • Control panel AOP (Avaps Operation Panel)
    • Ensures electronic control of individual shutter functions.
    • Enables self-closing from the Fire Alarm System (volt-free contact) or by local autonomous fire sensors, even in the event of a power failure thanks to a system of safe gravity closure.
    • Option of two-phase closure.
    • Option to connect an escape button (emergency opening in case of a fire alarm).
    • Option to connect to a key switch or control buttons.
    • Option to add optical and acoustic signalling.
    • Option to report end positions and power failure to external devices.
  • Closing speed is approximately 100 mm/s.
  • Steel parts are made from galvanized metal, upon request powder coated using RAL sampler.
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