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01. 01. 2023


<p>Anniversary <strong>25 years since the foundation of AVAPS</strong> s.r.o.</p> <p><strong>Integration of the service department</strong> into the <strong>sales </strong>department (sales part) and the <strong>installation </strong>department (service part) and the creation of the installation and service department.</p> <p>Start of sales and production of the new generation of <strong>FIBREroll</strong> <strong>EI+ without sprinkling system</strong>.</p> <p>Sales and production of <strong>FIBREroll</strong> <strong>EASY </strong>with <strong>EW</strong> <strong>30</strong> resistance.</p> <p>Completion of the development and certification of the <strong>FIBREroll H </strong>product.</p> <p><strong>Digitalization </strong>of installations and services - <strong>introduction of tablets</strong> for technicians.</p> <p>Company <strong>turnover </strong>of <strong>EUR 9.7 million</strong>.</p>

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