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"Cookies" are small software files that allow us to store information about your device and you as a user only during when you visit one of our websites. Cookies help us to determine the number of visitors to our website and the number of users. They also help us adapt our offers to meet your needs and be as effective as possible for you.


Allows storage of security-related information such as authentication functionality, fraud prevention, and other user protection.


Allows you to store information that supports website or app functionality, such as language settings.


Enables the storage of information related to personalization, such as video recommendations.

Analytical and measuring

Allows the storage of information related to traffic analysis, for example the duration of the visit.


Allows storage of information related to advertising.

Sharing of personal data for advertising purposes

Sets consent to send user data to Google for online advertising purposes.

Personalized ads

Sets consent to personalized advertising.

List of cookies

Name Lifespan Type
PHPSESSID Session Functional
_ga 2 years Analytics
_ga_* 2 years Analytics
ad_storage 1 year Functional
analytics_storage 1 year Functional
functionality_storage 1 year Functional
nette-samesite Session Functional
personalization_storage 1 year Functional
security_storage 1 year Functional
ssupp.vid 6 months Functional
ssupp.visits 6 months Functional



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