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09. 01. 2024

Christmas party

AVAPS Christmas party on 7th December 2023

We would like to share with you some memories of our wonderful Christmas party we had together in December. The Rychta Cultural Centre was transformed into a magical environment full of joy and Christmas atmosphere. We gathered in large numbers to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2023 together. A live band led us into a dance whirl, and when the DJ took the baton, it was clear we were going to party until late into the night.

Not only did we enjoy some great music and dancing, but some unexpected guests made an appearance at our party! King Julien surprised us with his visit, Wensday from the Addams Family made us laugh with her eccentric presence, and the devil from the Princess of the Mill added a magical touch to the party.

For the organization and moderation of the whole party we are especially grateful to Věrka Rausová and Pája Novotná, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for all the effort and involvement they put into the preparations of the party. And of course, thanks to all the AVAPS staff for their great work commitment throughout 2023. You are an incredible team!

We look forward to more events together and hope that next year's Christmas party will be at least as successful as this year's! 


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