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Categories and number of cycles of self-closing fire curtains

According to EN 16034

The issue of self-closing cycling is covered in EN 16034: Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows - Product standard, performance characteristics - Fire resisting and / or smoke control characteristics. Specifically, the product characteristic 'Durability of self-closing against degradation'. This characteristic is ensured by a cycling test, where a total of 6 classes are defined with the codes from 0 to 5. The frequency of use as well as the approximate number of cycles should be proposed by the fire-engineer in the design of the fire protection system.

The Category of use, the number of test cycles to be carried out in order to assign a use category for the self-closing class is given in the following table:

Category of use Cycles
C5 ≥ 200 000
C4 ≥ 100 000
C3 ≥ 50 000
C2 ≥ 10 000
C1 ≥ 500
C0 1 to 499


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