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End of the transitional period EN 16034: 2015

Textile fire curtains vs. the end of the transitional period EN 16034: 2015

A milestone in the field of fire-resistant building openings protection, dated 1 November 2019, is only a few weeks behind us. This article aims to bring the professional public closer to the impact of the transition from the non-harmonized to the harmonized sphere of products in connection with textile roller fire curtains.

The standard EN 16034 itself, Doors, Gates and opening windows - Product standard, functional properties - Characteristics of fire resistance and/or smoke tightness, contains only part of the requirements in terms of fire resistance or smoke tightness that the manufacturer must meet if he wants to have his product to the subject of this standard marked CE mark. This standard only extends the basic requirements for building openings protection and can only be used in conjunction with the basic product standards.

Currently, for example, the following basic product standards EN 13241 + A2, Doors - Product standard, functional properties, and EN 14351-1 + A2, Windows and doors - Product standard, functional properties - Part 1: Windows and external doors are valid. Interestingly, the most important standard in terms of the number of fire shutters used, EN 14351-2, Windows and doors - Product standard, functional characteristics - Part 2: Interior doors lags behind the previous ones and currently does not yet include fire-resistant interior doors in harmonized product areas.

As a harmonized standard now applies to fire shutters, the conformity assessment process is transferred from Act No. 22/1997 Coll., The Act on Technical Requirements for Products and on Amendments to Certain Acts, to Regulation (EU) No. 305 of the European Parliament and of the Council / 2011 of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products. Now the manufacturer has to issue only a Declaration of Performance for these products, a previously issued Declaration of Conformity, which the manufacturer had to issue in connection with Government Decree No. 163 / 2002 Coll., which lays down technical requirements for selected construction products.

Textile roller shutters, as well as sectional doors, sliding doors, etc., are subject-wise included in the standard EN 13241 + A2, Doors - Product standard, functional properties. When assessing the conformity of the product, the properties and compliance with the requirements for normal operation according to this standard and fire characteristics according to the EN 16034 standard are verified.

Furthermore, after successful testing of the product in terms of fire resistance, it is possible to extend the achieved fire test results, for textile fire shutters it is possible to proceed according to  EN 15269-11 + AC, Extended application of fire resistance, and / or smoke tightness test results including their building hardware elements - Part 11: Fire resistance of movable textile shutters. According to the procedures and calculations are given in this standard, the load-bearing structure on which the product can be mounted can be replaced, anchoring methods (direction, spacing, anchoring elements, etc.) can be changed, maximum permitted dimensions can be increased, component dimensions can be changed, etc. However, for certain modifications / extensions, additional tests must be performed. For example, a load-bearing capacity test for textiles and seams is essential for a textile fire shutter.



1 The process of placing a product on the market


After successful completion of the above tests and requirements according to the above standards, the process of assessing the conformity of the product for the manufacturer is almost complete and after obtaining the relevant certificates, the manufacturer can issue a document of the Declaration of Performance. In this document, it shall state all regulations according to which the product has been tested and assessed.

Textile fire curtains currently placed on the market must be placed on the market only according to the above procedure and the issued Declaration of Performance must primarily state the conformity of the product with the standard EN 16304 and the relevant product standard.

All textile fire shutters of the company AVAPS s.r.o. are currently CE marked, see product portfolio.

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