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Control unit, Accessory
Control panel AVAPS (AOP MU30)


  • Electronic fire shutter control
  • Built-in acoustic signaling
  • Own backup source (min. 4 hours)
  • Dimensions: 300 x 220 x 120 mm

Key product features

Electronic fire shutter control
Own emergency power unit (min. 4 hours)
Sound notification


AVAPS Ovládací Panel (AOP MU30)


The AOP control panel (AVAPS Control Panel) is a standard part of the AVAPS fire shutter and is intended for the control of FIBREroll textile roller shutters equipped with an AVAPS tubular motor with an electromagnetic brake.

The panel was designed according to EN14637 and certified together with the system of textile roller shutters FIBREroll according to the system of standards EN16034 + EN13241 + A2. The system works according to the above-mentioned standard in the FAIL-SAFE system, ie undesirable states of the system must be evaluated as a fault and the opening in the fire dividing structure must always be closed safely. In the event of a power failure on the part of the construction site, the closure will be open for a period of min. 4 hours before the battery in the control unit discharges and then closes securely by gravity. The AOP continuously monitors the battery status and mains power status. It provides controlled discharging and charging of the battery to optimize its life, which is twice as long as before.

The AOP must be connected to a fire alarm indication system. This can be used either for the FDAS building panel or for the installation of a system of autonomous local fire detectors.


  • Integrated backup power supply (accumulator) preventing unwanted closing of the shutter in case of power failure, incl. cyclic charging system extending battery life up to twice the original state
  • Continuous monitoring of the condition of fire shutters, including recording of event history and evaluation of faults
  • All cables are connected using connectors, eliminating the hassle of connecting individual wires. The unit is anchored to the wall via external brackets - easier installation

AVAPS Ovládací Panel (AOP MU30)


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