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Control unit, Accessory
Uninterruptible power supply / backup power source (UPS)
  • Provides power in the event of a power failure in the building
  • Compensates for voltage fluctuations in the building

Key product features

Providing power in the event of a power failure in the building
Compensation of voltage fluctuations in the building




An uninterruptible power supply ensures a continuous supply of electricity. The UPS operates on the battery principle. If the power supply from the primary source is not interrupted, the battery is kept charged. The fire shutter can therefore be operated even in the event of a power failure.

Additional equipment of the AVAPS fire shutter.


  • Ensuring a continuous supply of electricity
  • Maintaining the operation of fire shutters in the standard position (open position) for over 4 hours in the event of a power failure
  • Possibility to control the shutter even in case of power failure or burns out of cables using the green button for escape of people
  • Compensation of voltage fluctuations in el. system (machine start-up, old wiring)



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