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Control unit, Accessory
  • Various installation options - standard clamps or rails / pipes
  • Halogen-free (flexible) cables and wires, HFFR

Key product features

Smart management and communication
Use for daily operation



It is used for connection between control elements, buttons, detectors and signaling.

The cable route consists not only of the cable or conductor itself, but also of the anchoring elements.

The cable route can be laid "Recessed", "In cavities in building structures" or "On the surface".

The standard storage method is "On the surface". Cables or wires are attached using so-called cable "P" clips.

From an aesthetic point of view, mounting can be extended in fixed pipes / cable trays / cable ladders / electrical installation rails.


  • Ensuring communication between individual elements of fire safety equipment
  • Variability of possible solutions for cable routing

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