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Optional elements
Non-flammable window sill
  • Finishing fire shutters for windows
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Specific tailor-made solutions

Key product features

Design solution
Individual design
Suitable for outdoor use

Fire sill


The non-flammable sill is an additional approach structure, ensuring the proper termination of fire shutters in cases where the shutter does not reach the floor (eg in front of windows).

These window sills are considered as load-bearing structures with fire resistance and are designed to withstand the effects of fire for the required time according to the project documentation.

Their construction differs according to the requirements for design and according to the use (outdoors or interior), but they must always meet the requirements for fire resistance. The usual composition is:

  • For the interior, for example, the steel is covered with SDK / cetris
  • For exterior, for example, a metal window sill

It is an additional equipment of the AVAPS fire shutter.


  • Correct termination of the fire shutter
  • Individual solutions according to the construction

Fire sill


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