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Roof for external use
  • Design solution
  • For the possibility of placing the fire shutters in the exterior

Key product features

Design solution
Suitable for outdoor use


Stříška pro exteriérové využití


The roof for external use serves to cover the fire shutter box and protects it from the weather.

The structural design of the roof is made so that it connects to the facade or any structural element to which it is attached and there is no penetration of water into the roller shutter box.

Designed according to the  specific situation on the construction site.

The roof is supplied in the color of the blind cover, ie in galvanized or painted in any shade according to RAL.

It is usually in the same color design as the standard blind cover.

It is an additional equipment of the AVAPS fire shutter.


  • Increased protection of the fire shutter in the exterior - eg from rain, snow, larger gusts of wind
  • Increasing the service life of the fire shutter

Stříška pro exteriérové využití


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