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Control unit, Accessory
Shipping box
  • Safe shipment of the goods
  • Certainty of no damage during transport
  • Optional specification for the sea freight

Key product features

Mechanical resistance
Special construction

Shipping box


Wooden boxes are the best type of shipping container we can use. They are sturdy and they are known for great protection of the load we are shipping. They are also eco-friendly, simple to store, and easy to stack. Wooden boxes offer great protection from natural elements.

We organize special packaging for sea freight to prevent corrosion of galvanized steel components caused by saltwater. The wooden boxes are the best solution for transporting fire protection systems abroad.


  • Stacking ability 
  • Ensuring the optimal occupancy of the freight vehicles by the loads
  • Ensuring the integrity of the fire systems’ components prone to breakage (electrical parts), or creasing (textiles)
  • The customers‘ order consisting of several curtains is clearly packed and marked 

Shipping box


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