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Fire curtains

Horizontal textile fire curtain

Key product features

Closes the horizontal opening
Fail safe
Fire resistance up to E 120



Our product FIBREroll H provides safe closure for ceiling openings. The horizontal fire curtain is advantageous for its minimal space requirements, as it is normally rolled in a box.

Dimensions up to 5,2 x 6,2 m depending on fire resistance.

Horizontal fire curtain FIBREroll H has a fire resistance up to E120 / EW90

The advantages of textile fire curtains are:

  • Standard size of the shutter box is 446 x 285 mm
  • Mechanical closing by springs and fuses (fully functional even in case of fire failure)
  • Low weight


The FIBREroll H textile fire shutter was successfully tested in the PAVUS a.s. and is certified on the Czech market.

For more information please contact our design department:

FIBREroll H_2

Youtube video

Materials for download

FIBREroll H Data Sheet

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