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Fire curtains

Textile fire curtain with sprinkling system

Key product features

Sprinkling system
Low weight
Fire resistance up to EI 120




Due to higher requirements for fire resistance, the FIBREroll H2O is equipped with a irrigation system. Sprinkling creates a water film over the entire surface of the fire shutter and effectively prevents the fire spread.

Sprinkling begins at the same time as the fire alarm (EPS / local detection instruction) or with a preset delay.

Dimensions up to 18 x 7 m (W x H) depending on fire resistance.

Fire curtain FIBREroll H2O has fire resistance up to EI 120.

FIBREroll H2O is also possible in smoke-tight version with fire resistance:

  • EI 15 S200 / EI 120 S200

for dimensions up to 3 x 3 m (W x H)

  • EI 15 Sa / EI 120 Sa

for dimensions up to 5,2 x 4,2 m (W x H)

The advantages of textile fire curtains are:

  • Variable anchoring options
  • Low weight (3 x 3 m approx. 140 kg)
  • Optical-acoustic signalig is part of the emergency push button
  • All visible steel parts powder coated to RAL


Fire curtain FIBREroll H2O has been successfully tested in fire testing center FIRES s.r.o., which issued SK Technical Assessment and SK Certificate No. SK01-ZSV-0391.

Manufacturer issues Declaration of Conformity for individual orders in compliance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 305 / 2011.

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