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Fire doors
Steel fire-proof doors

Steel fire-proof door of company HEINEN 

Key product features

Fire free-load zone
Safety and fire security
Design and functional solution



Fire door is classical and mostly used fire shutters of building openings, the range of which can be divided mainly by the materials used in wooden, steel, and aluminium. Fire shutters of openings not only meet all the functional demands imposed by the fire regulations but, thanks to their construction and attractive design, they adapt fully to the requirements of the customer.

We guarantee​:

  • modular design
  • easy maneuverability
  • adaptable suspension system
  • minimum maintenance
  • low total costs


Door types:

  • hinged
  • wing
  • sliding door
  • fixe modules



  • specific equipment
  • glazing
  • stainless steel structures
  • fire-proof, acoustic, explosion-proof, safety

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